Award Winning Real Estate Claudia S. Nelson named 2014 #1 Producer

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Claudia S. Nelson
A Keller Williams Woodbridge Real Agent Wins 2014 Top 3 Awards For Keller
Williams Office In Woodbridge

Award Winning Real Estate Agent,
Claudia S. Nelson, awarded #1 Producer, #1 in Transaction & Keller Williams
of Woodbridge Capper award for 2014.

On February 24, 2015, Keller Williams of Woodbridge
held their annual breakfast awards ceremony. 
Each year everyone anxiously awaits to hear who won the most sought
after awards #1 in Transactions, #1 Producer and 2014 Capper.  These Keller Williams of Woodbridge awards
recognizes the best real estate agent in Woodbridge & surrounding areas of
Prince William County, Virginia. 
Attendees must have felt like they were experiencing déjà vu, as they
announce the 2014 #1 Producer & #1 in Transaction winner, Claudia S. Nelson.  Claudia S. Nelson took all the top awards in
2013 as the top Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams in Woodbridge VA.  These awards are determined solely on the
most sold, purchased, listings and buyers. 
Once again, the real estate agent that helped the most people in 2014
was Claudia S. Nelson.
Ironically, on the day of the award ceremony,
Claudia S. Nelson, was unable to attend the awards ceremony at the Woodbridge
office as she had already made plans with a client.  It is obvious to everyone how she is the #1
real estate Agent with Keller Williams of Woodbridge.  After picking up her awards, Realtor Claudia
S. Nelson posted a picture of her awards on her Facebook account with the
comment, “Missed the Keller Williams Woodbridge awards breakfast as I was busy
with a client.  Love picking up all these
awards for 2014 but love more helping my clients.”  This is the classic, humble Claudia S. Nelson
that we know.  There is no doubt why she
is #1 Producer, #1 in Transaction, the Keller Williams of Woodbridge Capper and
why her Woodbridge/Prince William County clients love her.  Congratulations, Claudia S. Nelson.

Tiffany Cloud
Keller Williams Realty

Claudia S. Nelson is an award winning Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty in Woodbridge VA. Claudia works anywhere Northern Virginia but she does specialize in Woodbridge VA Real Estate. When results matter you can count on Claudia’s expertise and knowhow to assisting you from the very beginning to settlement and beyond. If you are looking for the best real estate agent in Prince William, then we strongly recommend, Claudia S. Nelson at 571-446-0002.  You can learn more at her website