Flowers Under 20.00, Mother’s Day Is This Sunday

Flowers Under $20 

Mother's Day Is This Sunday
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Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8.  But, no need to panic yet.  There is still time to order flowers to have delivered to Mom.  Through some research on one of my favorite website,, I was surprised to find out there are still plenty of deals available for last minute shoppers for Mother's Day.  I have compiled a list of Groupon Deals Delivered Flowers under 20.00 ( Flowers under $20 )  just in time for Mother's Day.  Included in the list are some of Groupons best delivered treats for under $20.


If you are unfamiliar with, it's a website that companies use to market their business by providing discounts from 50%-90% for customers to try their product or service.  The only catch is you pay for the product through Groupon and then Groupon provides you a voucher, much like a gift certificate to use at the store.  We actually have a lot of Groupon specials locally for Woodbridge, Virginia.  When you go Groupon and enter your zip code they will provide you with local deals. Sorry I got a little side tracked on my enthusiasm for Groupon. All of the "Flowers Under $20" I found came from Groupon. That is why I wanted to make sure you understood how it worked.

Flowers under 20.00, Flowers under $20, Mother's Day is This Sunday May 8 2016

Flowers under $20

Groupon Specials
$10 for $30 worth of flowers *SPECIAL ENDS 5/4/16
$20 for $40 worth of flowers 

Groupon Specials
$15 for $30 worth of flowers
$20 for $40 worth of flowers 

Groupon Specials
$15 for $30 worth of plants or flowers

                   Other Delivery Ideas Delivered to Mom For Under $20
Groupon Special
$15 for $30 to spend at

Cheryl's Cookies
Groupon Special
$15 for $30 to spend at Cheryl's

Corso's Cookies
Groupon Special
$19 for $40 worth of cookies, favors and bouquets
Groupon Special
$15 toward $30 fruit arrangement delivered

Shari's Berries
Groupon Specials
$15 for $30 worth of gourmet treats 
$20 for $40 worth of gourmet treats 


Mother's Day is May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day is This Sunday!

Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8.  If you are thinking of sending flowers under $20 or other delivery items to mom by Sunday, time is running out.  Order your Mother's Day Flowers soon if you want Flowers Under $20.

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