Woodbridge VA One of A Kind Holiday Light Show

Woodbridge VA 
One of A Kind Holiday Light Show 

Every year again the home owner at 15615 Bushey Drive off Cardinal Drive put up a wonderful holiday light show in Woodbridge VA. When I went there the other day Santa handed out candy canes and it was all around a great time. The lights are simply great.

Just watch the video as we drive through the North Pole display. When I got there spontaneously the other night there were so many visitors. There was a long line of cars waiting to drive through to see the lights. This is a really great thing to go visit with your kids or simply take your partner on a date night. It is a lovely display.

It seems like every year I go to see the Holiday Light show at 15615 Bushey Drive they are outdoing themselves from the previous season. Just watch the video to see for yourself, but please know the video doesn’t do this great display justice. You have to actually see it in person to get the full pictures. It is so much better in person. 

Here is another Woodbridge VA Holiday Light Show must see. I did a blog about this one recently and took a video and also added holiday music. Click here to see my previous blog. 

I also took pictures of Holiday Light Decorations as seen on my way home. Check out the pictures I took right here