Sport Bars in Woodbridge VA

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Sport Bars in Woodbridge VA 

There are many great sport bars in Woodbridge VA to watch games with other fans. These places offer great food and drinks and, of course, the entertainment. There are some sports that I love watching with friends at a bar, in particular, World Cup Soccer and recently I also watched NBA Playoffs at bars. So here are my picks:

The All American Steak House
I have been watching the soccer world cup at the All American Steak House with all my other German friends and we had a blast. They normally don’t crank up the AC very high so you can actually enjoy it and are not freezing, great food and drinks and of course they have plenty of large screen TV’s to show the games. Whatever you desire. 

The Bungalow Alehouse
I recently went there to watching the NBA playoffs and it was a nice place, great company and, of course, a great game. The Bungalow Alehouse is conveniently located on Prince William County Pkwy also have pool tables at the Bungalow Alehouse in Woodbridge. If you haven’t been there you should check it out. 

Located in the heart of Lake Ridge Brittany is a great place to watching sports games. They also offer pool tables and live music on the weekend. The only thing I don’t like about the bar section that they allow smoking. For a non smoker like me not much fun being around all the smoke other than that great place. They also offer excellent wings. They are delicious and if you have not tried Wings at Brittany’s you should definitely. 

Buffalo Wild Wings 
This place gets very busy especially during the playoffs. I went there to watch the superbowl. Lots and lots of screens to watch and always a good atmosphere. I have not tried their wings, but they seemed very popular. Also, they have a great happy hour. 

L & B’s Sports Bar
This place is conveniently located close to where I live and where some of my co-workers and friends live. They offer great pizza and always have great deals. Located in the Mapledale Plaza in Woodbridge this is definitely a hidden gem. 

There are many more places to watch sports but these are just some of my suggestions, please feel free to adding on to this list.