My Youtube Channel is Growing

My Youtube Channel is Growing, by Claudia S. Nelson with Keller Williams Realty in Woodbridge VA 

So I started my youtube channel about a 1,5 years ago. I haven’t really had any viral video’s yet or many subscribers but I have over 15,000 views. Many of my youtube videos made it to page one of Google helping me getting leads.

One of my 2015 resolutions is to producing more video’s. I do a lot of community video’s or property videos, but my resolution for this year is to actually recording more videos with me giving advice to local home buyers and home sellers. 

If you are a Real Estate Agent and looking for some video’s that have been successful check out my channel. Also I am always happy to getting more subscribers. 

What have been some successful video’s you have posted. I would love to get some of your feedback?

Here is one of my most successful property video’s and the explanation of how I got way over 500 views in a relatively quick time period.

If you are a Real Estate Agent and not yet using Youtube, get over yourself and start your youtube channel today. Youtube has so much value when it comes to marketing properties, when it comes to SEO and everything else. Someone once told me stop being afraid of producing a youtube video, you are what you are so don’t be afraid to recording a video. If you think, like I do, you could loose some weight, chances are that you want be losing that weight between now and your next listing or buyers appointment. So you are what your are. I hate to listen to my voice. So I record a video but never listen to myself otherwise I would not publish it. Also don’t try to be a perfectionist. Doing something versus not doing anything because you are afraid it will not be perfect is worth much more. 

If you are a home buyer or seller looking for some helpful information check out my youtube channel.  There is lots and lots of helpful general information and then also specific information for Woodbridge VA Home buyers and Woodbridge VA Home Sellers.

Moving with Pets Tips from Woodbridge VA Real Estate Agent

Moving with Pets
  1. Seclude your pet from chaos
  2. Update your pet’s tag
  3. Ask for veterinary records
  4. Keep medications and food on hand
  5. Play it safe in the car
  6. Find a new veterinary clinic and emergency hospital
  7. Prep your new home for pets
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